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I hope this will be finished in time for the party!

Dark Shadows Fanzines, Newsletters, Classifieds, etc.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND SENDING A S.A.S.E. for current prices and additional information about the following fanzines. Like websites, they start up and disappear.

COLLINSPORT Leyla Harding, PSC 88 P.O. Box 2061, APO AE 09821-5000

COLLINWOOD CHRONICLE is now defunct - back issues may still be available.

For more information, email David and Shirley Wadell at


A YEAR'S SUBSCRIPTION COSTS ONLY $12.00, AND INCLUDES FOUR ISSUES OF THE "DARK SHADOWS JOURNAL". Alternatively, try the latest issue for just $3.00

TO SUBSCRIBE: Send a check in US $ to J. NOE, 76 Stanley Road, Hornchurch, Essex, RM12 4JW, ENGLAND. If just ordering a sample issue, send loose dollar bills.




Each issue is professionally typeset and includes coverage of all aspects of DS, so take a walk on the wild side and treat yourself to a different type of DS magazine!


#1 - $7.50, #2 - $6.50, #3-8 - $5.75

Dale Clark, 11518 Desdemona Drive, Dallas, TX 75228



October 30, 31st & Nov. 1st, 1998 at the Lockwood-Mathews Mansion in Norwalk, CT

For more information send email to:

Or visit the website at:


He's been videotaping the conventions from 1984 to 1986 and 1989 to 1996 and will be taping again this August in NY. There are 4 convention tapes that run 6 hours or less, which costs $23, including first class postage. The rest run 6-10 hours and needs 2 tapes to copy. They're $33 and includes postage. There is a 5 page list, detailing what cast members attended each convention and what is included on each tape. There's also an order form. Anyone wanting the list needs to send a business size SASE to:

Jennifer Fagan

6315 Campbell Road #305

Dallas TX 75248

Or you can send email to

The 1998 DS Fest tapes add up to approximately 8 hours. It's $33 and covers first class postage.

Here's what I shot 1998

The 1997 DS Fest tapes add up to 8 1/2 hours. It's $33 and covers first class postage.

Here's what I shot 1997


A book/fanzine available for $18.00. Send to:

Helen Samaras, 541 Birch St., W. Hempstead, NY 11552

INSIDE THE OLD HOUSE $4.00 per issue - up to 6 issues for $24.00

Dale Clark, 10142 Estacado Dr., Dallas, TX 75228

Or visit the website at:

Kathleen Resch


Complete in-depth summaries of the original Dark Shadows plotline

· Rare Photos · Cast and Crew Listings · Trivia 

Each CONCORDANCE contains highly detailed plot summaries of every episode 
within a particular time period. Each full-size book contains many 
never-published photos, complete cast/technical crew lists, trivia, and publicity materials. 
Each 160-300+ page volume is lavishly illustrated.

1795 - Episodes 365-461. Angelique's vampire curse; Josette's suicide; 
Victoria's witchcraft trial. $20.00.

1968 VOLUME I - Episodes 461-571. Dream Curse; Adam; Nicholas Blair; 
Cassandra; Tom Jennings.  $20.00.

1968 VOLUME II -Episodes 572-700. Eve; the Chris Jennings' werewolf story; 
Quentin and Beth's ghosts.  $20.00.

1897 VOLUME I - Episodes 701 - 791.  Barnabas' journey to the past; Mad 
Jenny; Quentin's werewolf curse; Laura the Phoenix; much more. $20.00.

LEVIATHAN -  Episodes 886 - 980.  A child grows within weeks from babyhood to 
become Jeb Hawkes, the Leviathan monster, who reinflicts the curse of the 
vampire on Barnabas Collins, and plans to marry Carolyn.  $20.00

PARALLEL TIME 1970 - Episodes 981-1060. Barnabas enters Parallel Time; 
Angelique returns from the dead; Jekyll-Hyde experiments; Roxanne Drew.  $18.00.

1840 - Episodes 1061-1245 (DARK SHADOWS' last episode). Barnabas and Julia 
journey to 1995 and find Collinwood in ruins. They return to 1970, then to 1840, 
where they confront Judah Zachary. Parallel Time 1841: The lottery.  $20.00.

SHADOWS IN THE 90'S:  The "making of" the NBC series.  Interviews with Joanna 
Going & Lysette Anthony, Planned Year Two Plot Scenarios, 100+ Photos & 
Publicity Materials, Cast Biographies, Behind The Scenes Information. $25.00.

special videos including "The Best of Barnabas", "Bloopers", etc. Reviews note key 
plot developments, bloopers, memorable moments, etc. $12.00. Reviews of the 
Collectors' Series are in World of Dark Shadows #74.  

SCHEDULED FOR 2004: The Dark Shadows Concordances 1897 Volume II.  SASE or 
e-mail to be notified.

TO ORDER: Postage:  Add $2.00 for every book for Media Mail postage (formerly 
4th Class/Book Rate).  Add $5.00 for every book for 1st Class Postage.  (For 
orders of multiple books, there may be a postage savings on priority mail; 
email me and inquire.)  Add $1.00 for every two books for a padded envelope.  

Send checks or money orders to:  Kathleen Resch, PO Box 1766, Temple City, CA 

********************** DARK SHADOWS NOVELS AND STORY COLLECTIONS Available From: Kathleen Resch - PO Box 1766 - Temple City, CA 91780 BEGINNINGS: THE ISLAND OF GHOSTS - A novel by Kathleen Resch and Marcy Robin. Against an historical background of civil war, slave rebellion and voodoo secrets, Josette and Angelique grow to womanhood... each seeking her destined love... COST: $20.00. DARK CHANGELING - a novel by Lori Paige. A possessed stranger sets every inhabitant of the Collins estate against each other... COST: $6.00. DECADES: 1760 - 1800. This anthology focuses on the lives, loves and tragedies of the Collins and DuPres families during the years 1760 to 1800. $20.00. ECHOES - A collection of Dark Shadows stories and artwork. COST: $12.00. FROM THE SHADOWS...VIRGINIA WALDRON: A collection of the best of Virginia's stories, taken from many long out-of-print fanzines. COST - $7.00. FROM THE SHADOWS...MARCY ROBIN: A collection of the best of Marcy's stories. Includes: "Shadowed Soul", "Twilight Hour", "Lonely Spirit", 23 others. COST - $5.00. A GIFT OF MEMORY: THE GRAYSON HALL MEMORIAL COLLECTION Edited by Melody Clark and Beth Klapper, the former co-directors of Grayson's Official Fan Club. Features the best of Dark Shadows fandom's writers including Beth Klapper, Charles Ellis, Guy Haines, Nora Jeffrey, Carol Maschke, Adriana Pena, Marcy Robin, Kathleen Resch, May Sutherland, Jeff Thompson and more, as well as artwork by Jo Ann Christy, Guy Haines and Janet Meehan. An entire section is devoted to stories exploring the relationship of Barnabas and Julia. Especially for "A Gift of Memory" - "Grayson Hall" by Kathryn Leigh Scott, a memoir written exclusively for "A Gift of Memory" by one of the Dark Shadows' stars who knew her best. Cost: $10.00 IF TOMORROW NEVER COMES - A novel by Mary Elizabeth Overstreet. In this sequel to HODS novel What if...the Night Never Ended and the Day Never Came? Willie Loomis is on the verge of starting a new life when he finds himself thrust back in time, forced to face his worst fears and to do the impossible. His only hope is to survive, even as the evil in Collinsport reaches out to ensnare him once again.... Full-size, 350 pages, 331,000 words. $28.00. JESSICA - a novel by Nancy College which follows the adventures of Jessica Coleridge, a friend of Victoria Winters from the orphanage, with a mysterious past of her own - a past that leads back to the 1790s. Jessica's involvement in the events of 1967 and 1968 means vast changes for all of the Collins family. COST: $20.00. KARLENZINE I - In print again! First published in 1984, and reprinted in 1991, this is the zine that started the series. A compilation of stories, artwork, poetry and more about characters John Karlen has portrayed on television and in movies. Authors and artists include Virginia Waldron, Marcy Robin, Kathleen Resch, Mary E. Overstreet, Beth Tignor, Jean Graham, Adriana Pena and others. Reformatted, this zine contains all the same stories as before and the extensive career retrospective with photos. 92 pages, 15 entries, 65,365 words, full-sized. COST: $12.00 DARK SHADOWS NOVELS AND STORY COLLECTIONS - Page 2 Available From: Kathleen Resch - PO Box 1766 - Temple City, CA 91780 KARLENZINE II - Finally in print again after five years! This zine is the second compilation of stories, artwork, poetry and more about characters John Karlen has portrayed on television and in movies. Authors and artists include Virginia Waldron, Marcy Robin, Kathleen Resch, Mary E. Overstreet, Meghan Powell-Nivling, Janet Meehan, Jean Graham, Anne Marie Erental and more. Most fiction is Dark Shadows-based. Reformatted, this zine contains all the same stories as before and the large photo section, minus a lot of typos and misspelled words! 236 pages, 23 entries, 165,400 words, full-sized. $24.00 THE LARA ZINE: A zine dedicated to Lara Parker and all of the riveting characters she portrayed on "Dark Shadows". Features stories by some of fandom's best writer, plus a special photo section titled "The Many Faces of Lara Parker". COST: $8.00. MY BOY WILLIE - a novel by Christina Pilz. Claustrophic and terrifying, this is the story of Barnabas' release from the coffin and his first few months at Collinwood, as seen by the man who released him into the 20th century, Willie Loomis. COST: $12.00. NEVER AND AGAIN - a novel by S. Ramskill. After a devastating illness strikes first Barnabas, then Julia, they find the solution in the Far East - and finally acknowledge their love. But their return to Collinsport is fraught with danger - for Nicholas Blair has also returned, and the hellish army he raises threatens to destroy not only their love - but their lives... COST: $12.00. PARADOX - A novel by Kathleen Resch. In 1970, Barnabas instantly recognizes Roxanne Drew, the woman he fell in love with in Parallel Time. But this was not the same Roxanne, yet she knew him - and had compelling reason to hate him. COST: $10.00. PASSION IN THE SHADOWS - a novel by Jane Rowan: A steamy bodice-ripper set in 1795, featuring the gorgeous and headstrong Elaine MacFadden in a passionate love-affair with Barnabas Collins. Rated R. COST: $15.00. REBIRTH OF THE UNDEAD - a novel by Elwood Beaty and D. L. Crabtree. Barnabas Collins finds a most unexpected ally - Count Dracula - in his fight to save Collinwood from an ancient evil. COST: $12.00. RESOLUTIONS IN TIME - a novel by Dale Clark. Collinwood, 1971: After Barnabas and Julia returned from 1840, a mysterious stranger came to town, and begins a reign of terror such as Collinwood has never known. Thus began a desperate race back through time until they reached the heart of the mystery, the curse which has plagued the Collins family for centuries. COST: $9.00. SECRETS IN THE SHADOWS by Jane Rowan. A DARK SHADOWS "bodice ripper". Barnabas enters a parallel world in the year 1830, where he encounters the twins Barnabas and Bramwell, their mother Josette, a lovely governess named Amanda, and, of course, Angelique. COST: $15.00. SHADOWED BEGINNINGS - A novel by Carol Maschke. Julia Hoffman's disappearance from Collinwood greatly worried her friends. When Elliot Stokes found her, the secret she told him revealed more pain and personal tragedy than she'd ever known. COST: $8.00. DARK SHADOWS NOVELS AND STORY COLLECTIONS - Page 3 Available From: Kathleen Resch - PO Box 1766 - Temple City, CA 91780 SUMMER’S SON by Mary Elizabeth Overstreet. For years the identity of the girl known only as "Roxanne" has been a mystery in the realm of "Dark Shadows". She was the unknown fianc‚ of Willie Loomis. We never knew her last name or how she had come to be engaged to Willie. And we never learned what became of their engagement, because it was never mentioned again after 1970 Parallel Time was over. So who was Roxanne? How did Willie meet her? What happened to their relationship? $18.00. TALES FROM THE SHADOWS # 1: Three novellas: "Scattered Dreams" by Terry Bowers focuses on Julia Hoffman; "Leap Into The Shadows" by Trudi Rosenbaum is a "Dark Shadows" - "Quantum Leap" crossover, and "Brethren of the Fang" by Andy Nunez is a tale of supernatural menace. COST: $20.00. WHAT IF THE NIGHT NEVER ENDED AND THE DAY NEVER CAME? - A novel by Mary Elizabeth Overstreet. What if... Barnabas was not killed at the end of "House of Dark Shadows"? What if... Maggie joins him as one of the undead, and Willie Loomis must serve both of them? Even when the vampires face their fate and Willie manages to escape and begins to make a new life for himself, the long reach of the evil from Collinwood is still able to track him down... COST: $10.00. THE WINDS OF ETERNITY - A novel by Nancy Eddy. A reincarnation story between Barnabas and Angelique, it goes from Celtic England to 1960s Collinsport, exploring the ties that bind them through 4 lifetimes. COST: $12.00. THE YEAR THE FIRE CAME - a novel by Lori Paige. Collinwood - late 1700's. Jeremiah and Barnabas were as close as brothers. Then the mysterious woman named Laura came to town, an intense rivalry begins - then horrible deaths began occurring... COST: $10.00 DAVID HOFSTEDE'S DARK SHADOWS VIDEO REVIEWS is a collection of David Hofstede's MPI Video Reviews from THE WORLD OF DARK SHADOWS. David reviews all 200 Volumes, plus the special MPI videos such as "The Best of Barnabas", "Bloopers", etc. Each review notes key plot developments, bloopers, memorable moments, etc. COST: $12.00. ORDERING INFORMATION: Postage: Add $2.00 for every book for Media Mail postage (formerly 4th Class/Book Rate). Add $5.00 for every book except "IF TOMORROW NEVER COMES" for 1st Class Postage. For "IF TOMORROW NEVER COMES"add an additional $8.50 for Priority Mail postage. (For orders of multiple books, there may be a postage savings on priority mail; email me and inquire.) Add $1.00 for every two books for a padded envelope. Send checks or money orders to: Kathleen Resch, PO Box 1766, Temple City, CA 91780.

If you would like to order online via credit card, please go to I accept payment via PayPal - use the address. ******************* THE WORLD OF DARK SHADOWS (TWODS) was established in 1975, and is the longest-running "Dark Shadows" fan publication. It offers an excellent range of material exploring every aspect of both the original and the new DS series. Regular features: * Fan fiction. Current issues feature the highly-acclaimed serial, "Stranger in the Mirror". In this novel, Barnabas has amnesia, and Angelique finds this the perfect opportunity to insinuate herself back into his life. Told with humor, drama and love, "Stranger in the Mirror" is one of the best DS fan novels ever. Current issues feature stories dealing with the following: - Quentin and Magda encounter each other after 1897, and start journeying the world together, made friends by their shared secrets. - Stories exploring Julia Hoffman's relationship with Barnabas. - Crossover between "Dark Shadows" and "The Fugitive" Much more! * Star Encounters - letters from fans re their encounters with stars, at the original studio, at Festivals, plays, etc. (i.e., Donna McKechnie in "Company", Marie Wallace in "The Lion in Winter", Nancy Barrett in "A Gathering of Nettles", etc. Issue # 69/70 featured a report on Jonathan Frid's most recent American performance of "Fridiculousness".) * Tributes and photos from past presidents of official fan clubs from when the original series was on the air. Recent issues have featured photographs from Grayson Hall's fan club from the late 1960s. * DS Festival photos and reports. * Star Panel transcripts from the Festivals. * Q&A Trivia Columns. * The Collinsport Debating Society - in-depth exploration and speculation about DS' various storylines, characters, and themes. * "How Dark Shadows Influenced Me" - True stories from fans on how DS has changed their lives; i.e., inspired an interest in art, writing, history, costuming, etc. * "I Used to Run Home From School..." All the things fans used to do in order to be able to see "Dark Shadows". * Local fan club reports. * Bloopers! * Bibliography (mentions of "Dark Shadows" in unrelated books, comic books, TV series, etc.) * Fan artwork, cartoons, poetry, etc. * Photo sections. Recent issues have featured Lara Parker, Barbara Steele and David Selby. * "Dark Shadows: The New Generation" A special section is devoted to the creativity and enthusiasm of fans under age 20. * Classified ads. An extensive ads section includes listings for DS penpals or items and publications to buy/sell/trade/seek. Published approx. twice a year, each issue is 150+ pages. Subscription rates: US and Canada - $12 for single issue/$24 for 2. Overseas - US $18 for single issue/$34 for 4. Order from: Kathleen Resch PO Box 1766 Temple City, CA 91780


Jimmy Hutcheson, P.O. Box 1872, Azle, TX 76098-5872

SHADOWGRAM: The Official Dark Shadows Newsletter - $12 for 4 issues or $24 for 8 issues (USA & Canada) - $20 for 4 issues (Overseas Air Mail)

ShadowGram Email Updates

Marcy Robin, 9441 La Rosa Drive, Temple City, CA 91780-3840

Send your questions or DS news items to:

Marcy Robin


SHADOWS OF THE NIGHT $13.50 for 3 issues (One Year)


Send email to:

Daniel H. Silvio


Shadows of the Night

Or visit the website at:

Suzanne Mascola sells DS items. Send your email to:

Suzanne Mascola


Phone: 713-798-5009

Fax: 713-790-0545


Available again for the first time in several years!

Each volume contains copies of articles and pictures on the Dark Shadows cast and crew from various publications, such as 16, Soap Opera Digest, Afternoon TV, etc..

For more information, go to:


THE WEIRD CIRCLE $6.00 for 2 issues

Byron Williams, 244 Coronado Avenue, #6, Long Beach, CA 90803

WOLF TRACKS FANZINE $5.00 for 2 issues or $10.00 for 4 issues

Elaine Garner, 810 Delaware Dr., Temple, TX 76504

Send your email to:

Elaine Garner


WYNDCLIFFE WATCH $12.00 for 3 issues

May Sutherland, P.O. Box 7236, Tacoma, WA 98407

Phone: 253-752-8462

Send your email to:

May Sutherland