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Welcome Dark Shadows Fans to

Fans, Fangs and Fun!!

A Vintage View of DS Fandom!!

Items on this website were randomly selected to illustrate fandom at that time. It's only a very small portion of the vast amount of DS memorabilia that was available to fan club members.

If you belonged to one of the DS fan clubs or met a DS star back then, send your story to me via email and I'll add it to this website. Just sign my Guestbook and enter your email address there and I'll contact you. And if you want, you can make it a Private Entry so that nobody else will see your email address.

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NOTE: None of the images or text on these pages may be utilized in any way, shape or form without my prior written permission.

You will not be able to right click on the pics and save them to your harddrive. So, please, just look at the pics, enjoy them and take a ride down "Collinwood" Memory Lane. Thank you....Dee.

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This photo was taken in the lobby of the DS studio. The guard on duty is George Smith. The fans are waiting to meet the DS stars, take pictures, and obtain autographs. In the lobby, there was a little TV set (unseen in the picture) and DS was being shown on the TV at that very moment!

This website is dedicated to the fans, and I am hoping it "captures the nostalgia" of what it was like to be a part of DS fandom during the original run of the show.

Humbert Allen Astredo and Carol Gould at the Ginger Man Restaurant after attending a ballet at the Lincoln Center on July 23, 1968. Photo taken by Carol's sister, Susan. Carol was president of the Jonathan Frid and Humbert Allen Astredo fan clubs.

Humbert Allen Astredo Official Fan Club
Newsletter #1, November, 1968
Written by:  Carol Gould, President

Hi!  Welcome to the club!  As you must already know, Humbert Astredo is
just about the most marvelous, kind, charming, and handsome man in the
world!  I met Humbert at the studio before any of you had seen him yet
on "DS" -- he was there filming his "debut" two weeks in advance, and I
got to know him very well.

While I was in New York, Humbert went with my sister and me to the
ballet at Lincoln Center. It was one of the most fantastic experiences
of my life!  Humbert sat next to me at the ballet (which was,
incidentally, about witches!) and kept making some really hysterically
funny comments.  I almost died laughing!  Afterwards, Humbert was
gracious enough to take my sister and me to the "Ginger Man" -- a
sidewalk cafe' -- for a late dessert.  We had a wonderful time talking
about all kinds of things -- movies, theatre, music, opera, ballet, and
of course "Dark Shadows"!!

While I was in New York, I went to the "DS" set ten different times,
through special arrangements, and watched a live rehearsal of the show
(as Humbert's guest) which was great fun.  I met Joan Bennett, Jonathan
Frid, Louis Edmonds, Grayson Hall, Lara Parker, Alexandra Moltke, Robert
Rodan, Joel Crothers, Roger Davis, Nancy Barrett, David Henesy, Kathryn
Leigh Scott, Thayer David, John Karlen, Addison Powell, Craig Slocum,
and Don Briscoe. 

What a crowd!!"

For a list of DS Fan Club Presidents, go to:

Marie Wallace and her fan club president, Cathe Horodowich taken in April, 1969 at the ABC-TV DS studio in Marie's dressing room.

A fan's experience with meeting DS stars at the studio.

"The Day I Met Marie Wallace" written by DS fan Thomas Mack

{Originally appeared in The Louis Edmonds fan club newsletter}

"On July 21, 1969, my friends and I took a ride to the DS studio. It was about the eleventh time going! We arrived there around 1 P.M. and we didn't expect anyone to come out until 4 P.M. Well, about 2:30 Marie came out in her Jenny costume (as a ghost) -- she looked absolutely ravishing! She's the most friendly actress I ever met; she stood outside with us for about 30 minutes and was just great. While we were speaking to Marie, Jerry Lacy came out in his Rev. Trask costume, for autographs and pics. Then, Grayson came out and she looked very nice as Magda. Louis was there, too. He and Grayson left around 4:00; and Nancy Barrett arrived for rehearsal for the next day's show. It was a GREAT day and one which I will never forget!"

This is an interview Dee had conducted with Marie Wallace and it was printed in the Louis Edmonds fan club newsletter in 1969!

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