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Fans, Fangs and Fun!!

A Vintage View of DS Fandom!!

Page Two

Diana Millay and Karen Messer, President of Terry Crawford's fan club, outside the DS studio. (April/May,1969)

Robert Finocchio from MO, President of Diana Millay's fan club.

Diana Millay's Official Fan Club
Robert (Bob) Finocchio, President
August, 1969

"DARLIN' DIANA by Carol Gould

On April 4, 1969, I went up to the "Dark Shadows" studio to pay a call
on all of my old pals there.  I had a marvelous time chatting with
Diane, the DS production secretary; June, the wardrobe mistress; and my
dear friend, Vinny, the make-up man.  After the taping (the best time
for relaxed gabbing), I kidded around with David Henesy, and had a
charming conversation with David Selby, our favorite "Quentin".  I
wandered into the rehearsal hall, and lo and behold -- there was Laura
Collins herself, in a mini skirt and groovy blouse!  It was then that I
met Miss Diana Millay, the talented actress whom we all know and love as
Laura (and as herself)!!  I introduced myself to her, and told her that
I had regards from Bob Finocchio, at which she beamingly replied, "Oh, I
just dropped him a note.  Do you know him?  He's just the most DARLING
young man"!!  I went on to converse with her about acting, and she gave
me a lovely, long valuable speech about choosing a career.  She said, in
part, "..Oh, honey, don't rush into anything.  Get as much education as
you can, while you're young.  If you want to be an actress, be careful,
and take your time in choosing what phase of the profession you want to
concentrate on.  Oh, I look at you, and you are so young -- How old are
you, fifteen?  Oh, Gosh -- and I just want to drum into your head 'DON'T
HURRY'; you've got a whole life ahead of you!"  Diana went on to tell me
about her hectic schedule, which involves commuting back and forth
between New York and California every week.  She said that she hates to
leave her family for more than  a minute, therefore this DS schedule is
particularly hard on her.  Just then, Louis Edmonds came in, and started
talking with Diana, leaving me to my thoughts:  "If every actress were
like Diana Millay, show biz would be a world of glorious angels!!"

Jerry Lacy and Debbie Cuoco. Debbie was President of Jerry's fan club.

The following article was written by Debbie Cuoco, President of Jerry Lacy's
fan club upon meeting Jerry for the first time at the DS studio. 


September 5 was perhaps one of the most happiest days of my life.  I went to
the studio along with my girlfriend Betty and met Jerry Lacy. We were brought
into the office of the secretary named Diane and while we were sitting down, in
walked Jerry.  He is "gorgeous"!  I introduced myself and my friend to him and
he led us into the waiting room where we were allowed to view the taping of the
show that will be shown on September 17.  After the taping, Jerry came back
upstairs and he introduced us to Robert Rodan.  Bob {Robert} is a real doll. 
While Jerry and I were talking about his club, Nancy Barrett walked in and then
{passed} us.  Jerry then went to his dressing room to change and while he was
gone Bob was running around in a Superman costume.  It was a real laugh.  Jerry
then walked in and gave me his script to keep.  He then introduced me to
Humbert Allen Astredo.  Jerry, Humbert, Nancy, and Bob all autographed it for
me.  I talked to Humbert for a while. Upon Jerry's leaving, he took my hand and
held it and said it was nice meeting me and I said goodbye and that it was
great seeing him.  After he had left we stood in the waiting room and in walked
Bob to use the phone, then afterwards passing the door were such people as
Roger Davis, Thayer David and Lara Parker.  

All of them autographed my script the following way:  Nancy, "Dear Debbie-Nancy
Barrett"; Jerry, "With my very best wishes-Jerry Lacy; Humbert, "For Debbie, a
picture, a script, all the makings, Love and best wishes-Humbert Allen
Astredo"; Robert, "To Debbie, my best - Robert Rodan"; Roger, "Best wishes,
Roger Davis"; and Lara, "Love to Debbie, Lara Parker".  

It was a day I will keep locked forever sacred in both my mind and heart
forever.  I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Jerry for making it all

Jerry Lacy on the beach.....

The photo was taken in 1981 by either Ron Tomme or Jennifer Dumanois.  
Ron Tomme and Jerry Lacy met while they were both working on the soap opera 
"Love of Life" in the 1970's.  They became good friends and their friendship 
has continued.

Ron Tomme was dating Jennifer Dumanois.  They later married and are still
wed.  Jerry Lacy was dating Julia Duffy.  Of course they also married.  Ron
and Jennifer were in California while Ron sought work following the demise
of the soap opera he starred in from 1959-1980.

This pic is courtesy of Laurel!! Many thanks to JamesDavid for sending it to me!!

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