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Fans, Fangs and Fun

A Vintage View of DS Fandom!!

Page Four

A family get-together for Rodney Labbee, President of Dennis Patrick's fan club, 10 year old sister, Judy, President, Denise Nickerson's and Timothy Gordon's fan clubs, and older sister, Suzanne, Club Secretary - from MAINE!


A Timothy Gordon fan club membership card.

A Joel Crothers fan club membership card.

Excerpt from Joel Crothers Fan Club Newsletter
No. 2, June 1968
Joan Pereira, President


Joel took 3 long weeks off from work during the month of April to
vacation in Spain and Morocco.  In Spain, Joel visited many of its great
cities.  While in that same country he saw the bullfights (the bull
lost!).  But something happened, something great; he was recognized by
the young Dark Shadows fans there!  After Spain came Morocco where he
had a great time also.  All in all Joel had a marvelous and exciting
vacation even though we all missed him on Dark Shadows".

A Dark Shadows Vampire fan club membership card.

An article mentioning Laurette Spang. She later starred on BATTLESTAR GALACATICA as "Cassiopeia". Laurette was from Michigan and handled Kathryn Leigh Scott's Information Bureau.

The address mentioned in the article has been edited out.

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