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Fans, Fangs and Fun

A Vintage View of DS Fandom!!

Page Six

One of the membership cards issued for the MANY fan clubs established for Jonathan Frid at the time!

This pic was taken at the Bellevue Stratford Hotel in August, 1968.

From left to right:

Foreground: Karen (Kay) Butler, Jonathan Frid and Linda (DS fan). Background: Lizzy Brody and Sue Foltz.

Lizzy was president of Robert Rodan's fan club and Sue was president of Grayson Hall's fan club before Mark Messina.

Kay Butler was co-president of Louis Edmonds' fan club with me.

Jonathan Frid and Beverly Beck taken at the DS studio. Beverly was President of Nancy Barrett's fan club.

Jonathan Frid's appearance on the Dick Cavett Show in 1968. Look closely and you can see his fangs! This picture was taken of the TV screen!!

Jonathan Frid and DS fan Janyth Thompson. This pic was taken in Huntington, WVA.

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