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Fans, Fangs and Fun

A Vintage View of DS Fandom!!

Page Seven

Louis had these cards printed for his fan club members!

Karen Messer, President of Terry Crawford's fan club, with Louis Edmonds.

Louis Edmonds and Dee standing outside that "famous" studio located at 433 West 53rd Street in 1969! !

My Trip to the Dark Shadows studio on May 16, 1969 by Dee Kearney.

My first trip to the DS studio was on Friday, May 16, 1969 to visit Mr.
Louis Edmonds.  I was finally able to meet Louis in person for the first
time and it was quite a thrilling experience for a "15 going on 16" year
old teen-ager!  I begged my father to take me to NY, since I was still
too young for my parents to allow me to travel alone from Philadelphia.
Paulette Nordmann, president of Lara's fan club, met us there that day,
also.  Louis was paged by the guard upon our arrival in the lobby of the 
DS studio.  We were asked to take the elevator and "come on up".  As the
elevator doors opened, Louis was there to greet us and then he led us
back to his dressing room.   After chatting for a few minutes, Louis and 
I reviewed some of the fan club (f.c.) materials.  He promised to provide 
me with some autographed pics to distribute to the members of his f.c.  
Paulette then asked him about Julie Harris, whom he had worked with 
in "Victoria Regina".  We also talked about his house across from the 
cemetery, the Long Island Sound, his upcoming roles, and of course DS!

Louis then took us on a tour of the sets before he had to get ready for
the rehearsal and taping.  I was totally amazed to see how small the
sets were in real life, because they looked so much larger on TV.  It
was so much fun seeing the Collinwood set and sitting on the beautiful
red davenport in the Drawing Room.  That day, they were taping episode
#760 during the 1897 storyline.  I also met Jonathan Frid (again!), Lara
Parker, David Henesy and Denise Nickerson.  Diana Millay was at the
studio, too, but unfortunately I didn't get to see her.  I had
previously met Jonathan when he was in Philadelphia on August 29, 1968
to attend the WFIL promotional luncheon.  I mentioned that to him and he
indicated that he remembered the trip to the Bellevue Stratford Hotel
very well!

We also met David Selby when he arrived later for the next day's script
reading.  It was a pleasure meeting David and I told him how much I
enjoyed his role as "Quentin Collins".  He was real tall and had
piercing, beautiful blue eyes.  I can still remember all the fans who
gathered around him when he first arrived at the studio!  

Before we left for the day, I gave Louis a gift which he is holding in
the picture.  He was dressed as Edward Collins and was so kind to walk
outside with us in front of the studio; we said our good-byes; and he
posed for one last picture. 

My first trip to the studio was like a dream come true.  I'll never
forget the excitement and memories of meeting the DS stars and visiting
'433 West 53rd Street' on that wonderful and magical day!"

Louis sent this postcard to me postmarked October 3, 1969, which is a
picture of the Caroline Church and graveyard as seen from his home, The
Rookery.  The description of the church is as follows:  

is one of the oldest Episcopal Churches in continuous service in the
U.S., and was built in 1729 when Setauket was known as Brookhaven.  The
Silver Communion Service was presented by Karoline, Queen of George II
in 1730, and is still used on special occasions.  The church still shows
the bullet marks of the Battle of Setauket in 1776 during the

Louis had indicated to me that, "This is my Dark Shadows cemetery 
fronting a side of my property."

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