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Fans, Fangs and Fun

A Vintage View of DS Fandom!!

Page Twelve

A Christopher Pennock fan club membership card.

A Christopher Pennock fan club letter.

A Lisa Richards fan club membership card.

The Lisa Richards Official Fan Club
D. Silver, President
D. Money (Kearney) Vice President
Issue #3


"Happy New Year!!  I hope your holidays were great!  Mine were...and the
best news is that I'm going to get better as Sabrina - I'm talking more
now and have left the wheelchair behind.  The new year holds in store
many more surprises I'm told for Sabrina.  That makes me excited!! Also,
I am doing an off broadway show which is going into rehearsals Feb. 9th.  

I worked with Barnabas in a scene on Monday.  He is just wonderful, as
is Chris Jennings who I am wild about!!




Walter Miller, President of the Thayer David fan club has written this


"It was a cold day in October when I was admitted into the Dark Shadows
studio. (Through the courtesy of the great Thayer.)  It was
approximately 3 hours after I had been admitted when Lisa Richards
walked in.  I was shocked by her beauty and I was stunned!  She sat in
the clients lounge, and we sat there for a couple minutes talking.  We
talked about a play she was in and she showed me the script!  I had
never seen an actual script except for the ones they use on the show,
and I was thrilled!!!  She gave me a picture of herself upon request.  I
couldn't believe that an actress could be so nice!!

This was indeed an exciting event in my life!!"


Below is a quote from Don Briscoe taken from an excerpt of an interview
done by Robert Finocchio, President of Diana Millay's fan club:

The question to Don was to give your honest opinion of various DS
actors/actresses, one of which was Lisa Richards.

Don's response was:


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