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Fans, Fangs and Fun

A Vintage View of DS Fandom!!

Page Fifteen

This bookmark was one of the items issued by Alexandra Moltke's fan club president, Grace Pichardo.

Alexandra Moltke

Official Fan Club

January 1968 Newsletter Issued by Grace Pichardo, President

[The following are excerpts from Newsletter #1]


Alexandra was married on October 28, 1967. Now I'd like to fill you in on some of the details. The wedding took place in the Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church, in New York City, at 4:00 p.m. The bride wore a white satin gown with long lace sleeves and a high neckline. This combined with a full length lace veil (along with the bouquet of white camellias she carried), made her an exceptionally beautiful bride and as for the groom, he was as handsome as can be. The couple was preceded in their walk down the aisle by eight attendants wearing long green dresses. (By the way, one of them was Miss Nancy Barrett, who I'm sure you've all seen as "Carolyn Stoddard" on Dark Shadows). The entire wedding ceremony took less than 30 minutes. Soon after, the reception was held in the vicinity of the church. A few of the guests at the wedding were: Miss Joan Bennett, Miss Grayson Hall, Mr. David Ford, Mr. Louis Edmonds, young David Henesy; also Miss Paulette Nordmann (Pres. of Kathryn Leigh Scott and Lara Parker Fan Clubs), Miss Joan Pereira (Pres. of Joel Crothers Fan Club), myself [Miss Grace Pichardo, President of Alexandra's F.C.], and many others.


For their honeymoon, the newlywed couple visited Europe. They had only two weeks off from their respective works, and spent most of the time on the horse farm in Clonsilla, Ireland, property of the groom's uncle. And finally, another place they visited was London, England, where they also had a wonderful time.

Alexandra Moltke's wedding pic.

This pic was taken from Kristi Nelson's TRANSCENDING TIME, Volume 4. For more information...

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