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Fans, Fangs and Fun

A Vintage View of DS Fandom!!

Page Seventeen

The cover of the "Castle of Dark Shadows" newsletters first issue.

Kathy Cody.

The interview with Kathy Cody took place in Kathy's dressing room at the
DS studio by Ronald Lowry, Editor and Robert Klien, Assistant Editor of
the "Castle of Dark Shadows" newsletter.

Age: To be 16 this November Date Born: November 30, 1954 Full Real Name Kathleen Marie Cody Place of Birth: Bronx, NY Parents Names: Mother - Mary; Father - James Height: 5 foot, 3 inches Weight: 100 pounds Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue Fav Colors: Purple, Green and Blue Fav TV Shows: I like old movies Fav Singer: Barbra Streisand Fav Record: Led Zeppelin What are Your Hobbies: I play the guitar, I paint and I like horseback riding Describe Yourself Inside: I am a calm, patient, independent, fun-loving person! What are Some of Your Previous Jobs? Broadway. I've been on serials as "Edge of Night", "As the World Turns" and "Secret Storm". I'm also in assorted commercials and TV shows. Are Most of Your Friends In or Out of Show Biz? They are about evenly divided. Tell A Funny Thing That Happened to Yourself? Well, when I was 7, I appeared in a play in Miami, Fla. and I forgot my prop which was a doll so I just made believe I had it and was holding it! What Kind of Kid Were You? Fun-loving, but serious about most things! Are you a Day or Night Person? Both, I enjoy working and dating during day but I also like a night life. Do you Have any Brothers or Sisters? Yes, Carol, Patti and Michael. Michael plays on "As the World Turns". Can you Sing? Yes. What do you Like Better, Country Life or City Life? City life is all right for working but I prefer country. Do you Like Animals? Oh yes, dogs and horses best of all. How did you feel when the astronauts landed on the moon? Even though I saw it, I still couldn't believe it! What was your first reaction to the pilot script of DS and the character you would be playing? When I auditioned for Dark Shadows, they gave me an old script. But when I heard I was playing a ghost I was really excited because I never played a ghost before! What turns you off about boys? When it's obvious they are trying to impress you! Do you have any bad habits? I lick my lips on TV a lot. How would you describe yourself in two words? Independent and content. What is your fav season and why? Spring, because the flowers start to bloom and the trees turn different colors {of green}. Is there anything you like or dislike boys to wear? No, it's up to them completely! Is there anything special that makes you uptight? When it's hot and the air conditioner doesn't work. Is there any country in particular you would like to visit? Rome. All the Roman history interests me and I would like to see Rome for its beauty. If you were a color what would you be? Blue. Because I think it's a very pretty color. Do you think there is a solution to the generation gap between teens and their parents? The solution can't be said in words, only in feelings. People have been talking and it hasn't helped. They have to start feeling. What would you be doing if you weren't acting? I'd guess I'd be finishing high school and looking for a job. Do you have any secret ambitions? To be a good actress. What are the things you like about yourself? I try to understand and to be patient. What do you like least {about yourself}? Well, I guess I'm {my} worse critic, I'm always thinking I can do better than I can. Can you tell me what the most interesting thing about your life is at the moment? I guess it's doing the show!

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