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Cheep Productions Presents...

The Making of "Save Our Cemetery"

"Save Our Cemetery" is a fan produced parody of Dark Shadows in which Barnabas Collins and Dr. Julia Hoffman are horrified to discover that the Eagle Hill Cemetery is slated for demolition. To save the cemetery, Barnabas and Julia enlist the aid of some of the resident ghosts, including the ghost of Barnabas' little sister, Sarah Collins. The role of Sarah is reprised by Sharon Smyth-Lentz, the actor who originated the role in 1967.

Page One

Sharon Smyth-Lentz, reprising her role as the Ghost of Sarah Collins.

Darryl Schaffer stands in the center of the Old House set, still under construction in Spring 1996.

The Ghost of Sarah Collins (Sharon Smyth-Lentz) comes to the rescue of her brother, Barnabas Collins (Darryl Schaffer) just as Construction-worker Jonas (Mark Moyer) is about the stake him.

The Ghost of Sarah Collins (Sharon Smyth-Lentz) and Barnabas Collins (Darryl Schaffer), ready to proceed to on-location videotaping at the "Eagle Hill Cemetery" set, created especially for the video.

The Ghost of Sam Evans (Guy Haines), Barnabas Collins (Darryl Schaffer) and the Ghost of Dr.Dave Woodard (Mark Moyer) prepare to leave for the "Eagle Hill Cemetery" set. Note that, even as a ghost, Sam is still smarting from the whack on the head that Adam gave him, in addition to being visually challenged. Note also, the authentic wolf's-head cane that Barnabas holds and the "hypodermic needle from Hell" that Dr. Woodard uses as his main weapon in the video.

The Cheep Productions crew (and guests) from left to right...Ken Schaffer, Ed Lentz, Sharon Smyth-Lentz, Mark Moyer, Mike Moyer, Kathleen Reynolds and Darryl Schaffer.

Sorry. Because of copyright concerns 'Save Our Cemetery' is not presently available for purchase. Our videos are shown at Dark Shadows Festivals and Dark Shadows conventions. If you would like to see more Cheep Productions Dark Shadows videos please let us know. Also, please let the folks at the Dark Shadows Festivals know that you appreciate our videos. Thank you. Mail comments to

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