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The picture below is a link to and can be used to order ANYTHING at I will receive a commision if you buy anything there using this link!!

The above pic is a direct link for Kathryn Leigh's book "Dark Shadows Memories" which can be ordered now!! This item was published on July 10, 2001.

If you plan on shopping online at, I will receive a commission for sending them your business!! Just click the link and start shopping!! And your purchases do not have to be Dark Shadows items!!

If you use "1-click", I won't receive credit for your purchase. :[


When Yahoo merged with Geocities, all of my files on Geocities were accidentally erased. I've been told that the files were on tape backup and that the files will be restored. I waited a month and they did nothing. So, some of the links below will not work or will lead to webpages without any pics. (10/25/99)

UPDATE: After waiting for 3 months and Geocities/Yahoo doing nothing, I've uploaded some of the missing files myself.

In Loving Memory....a website

A website dedicated to the memory of those no longer with us. You can go to it 24/7, look at the candles, listen to the music and read the words to the song. All of it done in the style of Dark Shadows.

Here's the link:

Be sure to visit "THE BEST" DS Message Board on the Internet, DARK SHADOWS FORUMS


Be sure to visit this SP website


The latest version of the DS FAQ is 1.09 and it is about a 1 meg file. To download one or all five parts of the Dark Shadows FAQ in text format just choose from the items below:

The Dark Shadows FAQ Part 1 (ds-109-1.txt - 187K)

The Dark Shadows FAQ Part 2 (ds-109-2.txt - 186K)

The Dark Shadows FAQ Part 3 (ds-109-3.txt - 198K)

The Dark Shadows FAQ Part 4 (ds-109-4.txt - 200K)

The Dark Shadows FAQ Part 5 (ds-109-5.txt - 227K)

Or to get the DS FAQ all in one file go to:

Boo's Dark Shadows Directory of Files

Click here for the TABLE OF CONTENTS of DS FAQ 1.09.

My Other Dark Shadows Webpages

The link below will take you to a Real Audio file that runs about 15 minutes and is a collection of Dark Shadows audio files I pasted together many years ago. :)


Dark Shadows Audio - Wave File List

Dark Shadows Fanzines, etc.

FAN PICTURES - sent to MrJuggins

Online Dark Shadows Poll

Unfortunately, I no longer have the time to run these polls. Thanks to everyone that participated!!

Many thanks to DEE KEARNEY for her assistance in making these polls!!

Checkout the results of Previous Polls

Dark Shadows In Other Languages

After reading Bob Issel's magnificent book "The Collinwood Collection Book III", I realized it contained a lot of information about DS Fan Club Presidents of the late 60's and early 70's. Just click the link below to see it.

DS Fan Club Presidents (late 60's and early 70's)

More RARE Dark Shadows Items from Bobubas

June 1998 Trip

The 1998 Chiller Theater Con

Bobubas' 1998 DS Fest Pics

The Clue Game (demo only)


Pomegranate Press

For information on how to order Kathryn Leigh Scott's NEW book The Bunny Years

For a look at the book's cover photo and more information.

Check out these DS books!!

The Dark Shadows Movie Book

The Dark Shadows Collectibles Book

Dark Shadows Fan Fiction

A "NEW" DS story has just started September 1999. Approximately one chapter will be added every two weeks.

Shadows On The Wall

Please note that the story has been moved from FortuneCity's servers to Tripod.

Read fan fiction from the Undernet chat channel #Collinwood called:

Beneath The Mistletoe: A Collinwood Christmas Story


MAY SUTHERLAND sent me this information about the above photo. Thanks May!!

My very good friend DEE KEARNEY sent me a handbill advertising Jonathan Frid's upcoming performance in NY, Nov. 7, 1998. I've scanned and uploaded it to the following location:

DS Festivals & Halloween Parties, etc.


DS Festival 2000

1997 DS Fest & Halloween Party

Jonathan Frid in NY (11/7/98)

DS Stars Interviews

David Selby in Hartford, CT (1999)

Nancy Barrett "Close To Home" - Coffeyville, Kansas 10/31/98

Alan Epperson's Dark Shadows Pics

Links To Dark Shadows Websites

DARK SHADOWS LINKS, related websites, etc.

A website about one of my favorite movies, SOMEWHERE IN TIME!!

The Official Somewhere In Time website

Here's my pic and courtesy of VictoriaW, one of my alter ego MrJuggins

OFF TOPIC: Here's a brain teaser. You will have to print it out to solve it.

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