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Jean's Dark Shadows Website

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The 1998 Dark Shadows Halloween Party

I became reaquainted with Dark Shadows through Ed Lambese. That was during Ed's first Halloween party in 1994. I've never missed one yet and it is 4 years now. :) Cathy is my sister. This Halloween was her first Dark Shadows Halloween party. She loved it and hopes to attend future Dark Shadows events! I grew up with Dark Shadows every weekday after school glued to my TV set! Now I have been honored by seeing the stars of Dark Shadows each year at Ed's annual Halloween events. I am sharing my Dark Shadows Halloween moments in this webpage with all my Dark Shadows friends. :)

The second Halloween party I dressed as Naomi Collins. Why......well Joan Bennett is a great actress and favorite of mine from Dark Shadows. NAOMI...mistress of Collinwood. one could portray that role better then Joan Bennett! I went in 1997 as Laura Collins.....Diana Millay. Who again played her role like it was meant just for her just for her. This year I went as Countess Natalie Dupree, aunt to Josette Collins. I loved all of these women and so did many Dark Shadows fans. I had the pleasure of meeting and taking photos over the years with many of these famous Dark Shadows Stars and people. I think Dark Shadows brings good people and friendly hearts together.

So, I thought to myself ......Jean you must share this with all those Dark Shadows fans and friends! So sit back, look and enjoy...the stars and memories. ^v^ ^v^ ^v^

I must first thank Ed Lambese...without him, well this would never had been made possible for me. Second......Tim my dear friend and who put this webpage together for me. :) Thank you Tim.

Over the years so much has happened for our Dark Shadows stars. Books..... commercials..... movie roles and of course the Dark Shadows festival. But we love them and they in turn love us too! After all they are there year after year .......without fail. With smiles, autographing pictures, books and posters. Why?.......for us fans and friends.

Long live Dark Shadows ...and lets keep those memories coming. :)

Your Friend In Dark Shadows...........Jean LaMantia

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NOTE: All of the following pictures are the property of JEAN LaMANTIA. None of the images or text on these pages may be utilized in any way, shape or form without her prior written permission.

The first picture is my sister Cathy standing below the grand staircase at the Lockwood Mansion where HODS was filmed.

The second photo is that of Cathy standing on the porch of the Lockwood Mansion.

Cathy with Ed Lambese inside the Mansion.

Cathy with James Storm.

Cathy standing by the limousine we arrived in.

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