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Jean's Dark Shadows Locations Website (1998)

It was always my dream to visit the famous site of Dark Shadows and so this Christmas I was able to do just that and so I am once again sharing my DS experiences with all my Dark Shadows friends online.

The picture of me standing at Collinwood was taken on a day which found the building empty. All the students and staff were on Christmas vacation and making it very nice for taking pictures around the grounds of what we have come to know as Collinwood. The picture of the sea was what was used at the opening of the original DS TV series. The photograph of the Black Pearl was the site used for Collinsport and the Blue Whale. These pictures I have described were taken in Newport R.I.

This is exactly where places used by Dan Curtis and staff to film many things associated with the daily TV show.

I have a picture of the famous tower in which many famous scenes were done. These locations were the best of DS as far the memories go for me. Being there was a dream come true for me and I shall never forget it!

Taking a walk on one cloudy day there was just like the opening of DS on any given week day as a kid. This area is called the Breakers located a long the cliffs of Newport R. I. Many famous homes and estates are located very close to the famous site. Walking a long the sea and hearing the waves crashing on the rocks was just a real thrill for me to behold. I took photos of Collinsport AKA Essex Connecticut with it looking no different then it did back in the early 60's on Dark Shadows.

Thinking back on the vacation now............I am so happy and very fortunate to have gone there. Please enjoy the pictures and share my holiday vacation at Collinwood and Collinsport.

The estate sorry to say is in bad need of work and refurbishing. But while it is in dire need of work it is still Collinwood to me! DS was and still is a very good part of my life.....thanks.

Your Friend In Dark Shadows,

Jean LaMantia

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NOTE: All of the following pictures are the property of JEAN LaMANTIA. None of the images or text on these pages may be utilized in any way, shape or form without her prior written permission.

The Black Pearl was used in a scene with Sam Evans many times on DS.

This photo was of the seaport in R.I. used for scenes as well.

The sail boats here are next to the Black Pearl AKA The Blue Whale.

Essex CT. Again many scenes with Sam Evans and Victoria Winters were filmed here for DS in the earlier part of the soap opera early sixties era.

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