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The Results of Dark Shadows Poll #14

Which of the following is your favorite blooper?

1. Actors/actresses tripping or accidentally bumping into walls, tree trunks, tombstones, bushes, etc. or ornaments being knocked down. - 46 votes

2. Background noises such as footsteps, coughing, talking, squeaking, banging and clanging, etc.. - 31 votes

3. Actors/actresses glancing at or reading the TelePrompTer. - 31 votes

4. A camera showing ceilings, floors, microphones or making quick sudden movements. - 22 votes

5. Stage crew and stage hands in view. - 16 votes

6. Music continuing to play after a music box is closed, or stops when the music box is open, or stops when piano keys are still moving. - 11 votes

7. Doors not staying open/closed or getting stuck. - 2 votes

8. The set lights blinking off and on during taping. - 0 votes

159 Total Votes

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