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The Results of Dark Shadows Poll #15

Which of the following is your favorite blooper?

1. "Several of my incestors, incestors, my ancestors are buried here" (Roger Collins) - 38 votes

2. Julia is on the phone in another room with the door locked. Barnabas to Julia: "Remember someone" ; Dr. Lang: "Dave Woodard" ; Barnabas: "Remember Dave Woodard" [1968] - 16 votes

3. Bathia Mapes forgetting her lines in her scene with Roger Collins in the Tower Room. Off stage someone shouts her lines to her: "Then go to the old house" [1795] - 15 votes

4. Trask: "Devils be humbled. Shrink in fear at the dark night you must shortly see" as he spits at a fly [1795] - 9 votes

5. Quentin bumping his head going through the doorway in the foyer [1897] - 8 votes

6. At sunrise, when the water, when the ocean, when the sun comes over the ocean" (David Collins) [1967] - 4 votes

7. Quentin at the Collinwood foyer steps: "Grandmama..Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma" [1897] - 4 votes

8 Burke said to Dr. Woodard: "When you examine it under the microPHONE..." [1967] - 2 votes

96 Total Votes

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