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The Results of Dark Shadows Poll #16

Which of the following is your favorite blooper?

1. Jonathan Frid walks on camera in the foyer carrying his shoes and clothes as they are rolling the credits [1897] - 46 votes

2. Barnabas picking his nose while standing with Julia in front of the basement door at the old house (looking through the window on the door with bars) [1968] - 23 votes

3. Quentin draws one of two swords on the wall on Sky Rumson. The remaining sword falls to the ground with a loud crash. The lamp went crashing down to the floor too [1969] - 10 votes

4. Angelique and the house of cards. She is reciting an incantation/spell. The house is supposed to be burning but the flames had already gone out with only ashes remaining [1795] - 8 votes

5. Dr. Lang recording a message but the tape recorder isn't moving [1968] - 5 votes

6. Reverend Trask, the bouncing ghost [1968] - 1 vote

7. David Collins blows out Amy's candle which was never lit [1969] - 1 vote

8. Yaeger tries to return his sword into his swordcane but it falls apart [1970 PT] - 1 vote

95 Total Votes

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