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The Results of Dark Shadows Poll #17

Which of the following is your favorite blooper?

1. Sam Evans reading his script and quickly hiding it when he sees taping has resumed [1967] - 21 votes

2. The bat scene with the "shadows of the wires" in view when Barnabas shoots Angelique and she places the curse on him [1795] - 18 votes

3. Angelique returns to Collinwood and in the Drawing Room she says "Hollywood. I never imagined I'd see it" [1968] - 15 votes

4. Gabriel gags Daphne but the gag comes loose. Daphne keeps the gag in her mouth anyway [1840] - 12 votes

5. Willie says Julia "I gotta do what you tell me but remember I gotta do what you tell me" [1968] - 8 votes

6. Cassandra hypnotizes Tony Peterson with his lighter and the lighter goes out. Cassandra flicks it to relight it [1968] - 7 votes

7. Josette blowing away a fly and swatting it away with her hand [1795] - 3 votes

8. Jeb answers the door and the doorbell falls to the ground [1969] - 3 votes

97 Total Votes

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