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I've been a DARK SHADOWS fan since June 27, 1966, when I watched the show's very first episode at age 12. I enjoyed watching Victoria Winters' search for her identity, sure she was a Collins, but didn't become completely hooked until Barnabas Collins was freed from his coffin by Willie Loomis, unleashing not just a vampire, but pure, scary fun from a daytime soap opera! Meeting Barnabas' only wife, Angelique, in the stunning, gracious personage of Lara Parker, over 30 years later, was a real thrill for me. The following photos were taken at the Levittown Borders Book Store in New York on November 18, 1998.

Lara Parker pointing towards a questioner.

Lara Parker seated, signing autographs.

Lara Parker answering a question.

A sideview of Lara Parker.

Lara Parker posing with me at the autograph table.

A close-up of Lara Parker and I.

Photos scanned by Bob Issel & Tim Choate.

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