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The following pictures were taken from Jonathan Frid's recent appearance in New York on 11/7/98.

As Jonathan signs a photo of him in one of his youthful Shakespearean roles, I'm pulling out a copy of Lara Parker's ANGELIQUE'S DESCENT to give to him.

I'm grinning big here, unable to believe I'm finally meeting Jonathan Frid after 30 years. He gave my hand a big thank you squeeze after I gave him Lara's book, but no one caught a picture of that, unfortunately!

I was so excited, I nearly forgot to take my signed photo, but I returned it reverently to the envelope and had Mr. Frid sign a program for a friend who couldn't make the show.

Jonathan Frid onstage. I took so many photos of him, I'm not sure whether this one was during the show itself or Questions and Evasions, as he calls it, after the show. He's such an entertaining storyteller, whether it's read from a source or off the cuff.

The friends with whom I partied heartily with during dinner at a deli near Hofstra before the show began. L to R: Rhonda, NancyBe, Steve, Susan, Jim (or Tim, I always get mixed up, and I'm apologizing in advance) with his wife Elaine, and me. We had such a great time together, before and after the show!

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